You find yourself in the midst of students, entrepreneurs and researchers, all proud of this meeting place. The Campus is the Northern Netherland’s driver of innovation and has two neighboring locations; the Healthy Ageing Campus and the Zernike Campus Groningen. It is part of a region of natural cohesion and sectors that reinforce one another; it is a hub within an elaborate network both in the Netherlands and across the borders.

As Campus Groningen, we emphasize collaboration. Collaboration with a regional accent; collaboration in public private partnerships; collaboration aimed at growth. Active network creation, hand-in-hand with our down-to-earth mentality and enterprising attitude, results in both social and economic impact. The interconnections are actively reinforced so that everyone gets the most out of their presence at the Campus.

One ecosystem, one campus, two locations

Two locations, managed as one ecosystem for public-private collaboration; this makes Campus Groningen one of the larger significant campuses in the Netherlands with currently 190 companies, 3 knowledge centres (RUG, UMCG and HG) and more than 45,000 students. More focus, expansion of scale, professional development of park management, directional acquisition of companies and the attraction of large investment funds ensure the natural growth of our Campus Groningen (fastest growing Campus in the Netherlands)